Bureaus Canada


Corush Sunderland Wright Limited
A nationally recognized firm of landscape architects. Founded in Ottawa, Canada in 1975, the firm has evolved into the largest landscape architectural office in Eastern Ontario, providing services in both english and french.
We provide professional design and planning services to both the private and public sectors in landscape architecture, urban design, park and recreation planning, site planning, environmental planning, and project managment.
Our goal is straightforward and simple, to design and plan wonderful environments for people to live, work and play in. Our strength is a wealth of experience seasoned over 30 years and portfolio of well over 5,000 projects.
web: www.csw.ca

A design studio founded in 2001. In our first five years we have grown developed a portofolio of innovative design projects focusing on contemporary design with a foundation in sustainable practices. We’re highly creative Landscape Architects and Urban Designers whose fundamental goal is to not merely meet but exceed our clients expectations.
web: www.space2place.com

Rogers is the author of Landscape Design: A Cultural and Architectural History (Abrams, 2001). Earlier works include The Forests and Wetlands of New York City (Little, Brown and Company, 1971), Frederick Law Olmsted’s New York (Whitney Museum/Praeger, 1972), The Central Park Book (Central Park Task Force, 1977), and Rebuilding Central Park: A Management and Restoration Plan (The MIT Press, 1987).
web: www.elizabethbarlowrogers.com


The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA)
The national professional association that represents landscape architects in Canada. Membership in the CSLA is obtained by joining a provincial or territorial component.
web: www.csla.ca