Bureaus IJsland


The Federation of Icelandic Landscape Arkitekts (FILA)
Founded in Reykjavik 24. februar 1978. FILA has over fifty members across the country.

Landscape Architects are trained professionals concerned with development and conservation of the Landscape. Their work centres on the planning, design and management of the external environment in urban and rural locations. Using knowledge of land use and ecosystems, together with creative and technical skills, Landscape Architects cover all scales of work from long-term proposals on Landscape Resource Management to design and implementation of specific works.

FILA aims to:
promote the development of landscape planning, landscape architecture and garden design. set standards for rational land use and development of the external environment.
guarantee conservation of Natural and Cultural values. look after its members interest, encourage collaboration and increase public awareness of Landscape Professionals and their work.
web: www.fila.is